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AWARD CERTIFICATES & FRAME: The certificate identifies the school making the award and the award recipient. To obtain a template file for JROTC & ROTC certificates in MS Word format, click here. When printed on photo quality paper or other "custom" certificate paper, it looks especially good when framed; however, framing is an option. When downloading the certificate template, note that the standard fonts used can be easily modified by a Microsoft Word program. Each certificate can be modified for the local situation (for example: if the certificate is presented to an Air Force cadet, the wording can be modified such that the recipient is a "Distinguished Air Force Military Science Cadet…….”.  Lastly, if your school has a better idea for a certificate format, use it. We always want whatever is "the best" to always be presented on behalf of Special Forces. (Green Berets).




SFA Chapter 32-50 of Oklahoma is the sole source for approved medal & ribbon set with presentation box at a current price of $18.00, which INCLUDES Shipping & Handling charges. 


To order online and pay with a credit/debit card, please   click here.

To place an order by mail and pay by check, please click  here to generate and print a Mail-In Order/Purchase Order form (fillable pdf. form).

To view an example of a Presentation Narrative,   click here
To view a sample Junior ROTC Certificate "Award of Excellence" for high school recipients,   
click here
To view a sample Senior ROTC Certificate "Award of Excellence" for University or College recipients,   click here
To view a picture of the Ribbon, Medal and Presentation box,   click here

To view the Award Selection Criteria,   click here
To view a sample of a Sales Invoice that you will receive when the order is placed as well as enclosed with the shipment,  click here

To view "Tips on How to Establish and Maintain an Award Program for SFA Award of Excellence to JROTC Students ",   click here
To view a sample "JROTC/ROTC Presentation Request Form",   click here

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